When I set up this blog in January 2011, one of the ways in which I hoped it would be different to others was that I planned to do more listening than talking. That is to say, I regarded the comments I would receive here as being more important than the posts I would write myself.

With this in mind I decided to bring the following guiding principles to the discussion, and these remain valid. They are:

  • a belief (which is, however, also up for discussion) that there is no purely logical or scientific basis for determining what kind of future we should be aiming for. It’s really a choice;
  • a belief that the more we discuss these issues, the more likely we are to come to a common view;
  • a belief that coming to a common view is essential if we are to steer our way successfully through the current dangerous times towards the kind of future(s) we want.

Indeed, since setting up this blog I have become increasingly convinced that if we are to have any hope of surviving the next few decades and steering ourselves towards positive futures we need to learn to discuss our different visions of the future and, above all, to listen.


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